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We are experiencing a unique historical moment in terms of European public financing and the most intelligent approach to this is to take the opportunity of the European public financing programs, which are mainly HORIZON EUROPE and NEXT GENERATION EU. The impact of this non-refundable aid on the European business fabric will have important consequences over the coming decades, marking different speeds in entrepreneurship.

Do you have a business model based on a disruptive technology platform? We manage European public financing programs tailored to your solution. Don't miss this historic opportunity!

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Horizon Europe

FVC submits end-to-end managed proposals from the European Commission's non-refundable public funding program, Horizon Europe. The aid is in a range of €0.5M to €2.5M and includes mixed financing that can increase that figure with up to €15M for a maximum of 25% of the company's equity. FVC will manage the calls for you, the dialogue with the European Commission, the preparation of material such as videos, pitch deck and proposals of more than 200 pages and presentation of the materials on the AI platform of the Horizon Europe program. All this, so that you can focus on your business and get customized financing.

Benefits for research and industry

The Excellent Science Pillar aims to increase the EU's global scientific competitiveness. It supports frontier research projects driven by top researchers through the European Research Council, funds fellowships for experienced researchers, doctoral training networks and exchanges through Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, and invests in world-class research infrastructures.

The Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness Pillar supports research relating to societal challenges and reinforces technological and industrial capacities through clusters. It sets ambitious goals for EU missions. It also includes the Joint Research Center which supports EU and national policymakers with independent scientific evidence and technical support.

The Innovative Europe Pillar aims to make Europe a frontrunner in market-creating innovation via the European Innovation Council. It also helps to develop the overall EU innovation landscape through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology which fosters integration of the knowledge triangle of education, research and innovation.

Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) by increasing support to the EU Member States in their efforts to make the most of their national research and innovation potential, fostering closer collaborations and spreading excellence.

FVC takes care of locating the right partner and closing the consortium agreements so that you can access aid with an equitable internal agreement.

Next Generation EU

The European Parliament has created a Recovery and Resilience Plan endowed with 1.8 billion euros for the 2021-2027 time horizon, to support the European business stablishment after the years of the pandemic.

NEXT GEN EU is the financing you need, non-refundable, that will allow you to grow or consolidate your growth.

Public financing of European origin is the only non-refundable one that you will not have to repay.

Years of experience and know-how, with success rates, guarantee us. We are former expert evaluators of Horizon 2020, the predecessor program of Horizon Europe, having assessed the viability of a large number of proposals for funding from the European Commission.