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Legal services

Cyber law

Are new technologies part of your core business and do you need a legal framework?

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Consulting services

Supply chain

We help you on your way to zero emissions in the supply chain, to search for new strategic suppliers and to reduce costs throughout the life cycle.

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Public funding

Public funding

Discover the next calls for public funding grants

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Hey! We are FVC, a skilled, passionate, and dynamic international company with the eye on detail and the heart for social and environmental sustainability.

Our purpose


"We are here to humanize companies: make them think, act and operate under consistent ethical values and transparency."

We imagine a world in which companies remain human and in which people spark diversity, inspire a bright future, and transform our world for the better.

We believe that technology is not the purpose but the vehicle that will bring us together and connect us to collaborate close, vivid and focused.

why FCC

Our processes


“We believe that the best way of helping companies is training their leaders to actively listen, continuously improve, and make the greatest and longest lasting impact.”

We are passionate to drive the change, transform the statu-quo and share the knowledge with our partners for a sustainable development and an encouraging social impact.

Our optimist, curious and skilled team creatively designs innovative solutions for complex needs. We approach assessments combining deep-tech and human factor at a global scale.


Our services


“We guide companies and individuals to innovate and create sustainable landscapes to achieve their goals through agile methodologies and strategic action plans”.

We lead in innovation, management, legal and compliance, deep and disruptive technology, IT and software development, communication, marketing and European funding programs.

Our services are unique and tailor made while working closely with industry, corporations, SMEs, research institutions and policy makers.

What FCC

"The digitization in business management and the internationalization of operations have forced companies to be constantly updated on legislative topics."

Bosco López
Creativity and innovation partner

Bosco López